We take great pride in being the first school of Southern Haryana to have an in-house 3D Cinema with a seating capacity of 65 people with advanced acoustics containing hi-tech soundproof systems. It is primarily acting as a visual teaching resource that our teachers are using to explain complex topics or concepts. Science and Mathematics are subjects full of abstract concepts and as such require strong visualization and exploratory tool to understand them. Be it the usually confusing chemical bonds, confounding physical forces, intricate biological processes, or complicated mathematical theorems, everything is either imperceptible or highly abstract. Its various rich-in-content resources, especially the animated videos and stimulations act as strong interactive tools to bridge the gap in areas that are challenging for students to understand, thus offering them a platform for interactive learning. For digital content, the school has tied up with Eureka which has the distinction of being the largest 3D K12 school curriculum library with more than 4000 topics under its cover which sum up to over 300 hours of 3D animated content. These include various interesting learning objects like quizzes, key terms, images, etc.

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