RIS is fortunate to have a library that is well stocked and has the benefit of a full-time librarian. All students are automatically members of the School Library and can borrow books on a regular basis. RIS has the most vibrant library. A large collection of books is available keeping in mind the interest and aptitudes of different individuals. The comfortable seating arrangement and serene atmosphere of our library motivate students to enter the world of imagination with ease. World-classEncyclopaedias, General Knowledge books, various Fiction and Non-Fiction novels, Reference books, etc. are part and parcel of this library. We aim to provide the best to our students. So timely updating and inclusion of the latest books is our regular practice.



With the launch of technological advances, the face of education has changed a lot. We at RIS strongly believe in keeping pace with this change through constant investment in the implementation and use of the latest technologies. Teachers actively use them to explain concepts with the help of highly engaging visuals and animations, this makes learning an enjoyable experience for students while improving their overall academic performance. The digital boards cover the curriculum of all major subjects and have innovative assessment exercises which enable instant evaluation of the learning achieved by students in the class.




It goes without saying that classroom learning experiences play a very important role in students' academic development. Classroom to a student is like a second world. Our spacious innovatively arranged classrooms attract the attention of every child coming to school. Activity-based learning and highly personalized care and attention become the learner's paradise along with a healthy student-teacher ratio. Fully air-conditioned Classrooms equipped with student-friendly furniture, Smart Boards with digital content, and internet connection enhance the joy of learning.



Technology plays a major role in twenty-first-century education. The new model of integrating technology into the curriculum means that computers are on-demand throughout the school day. The school possesses scientifically designed two Computer labs, one for the Middle Group and the second one for the Senior Group with an adequate number of computers and trained computer trainers.




The art and craft room is a significant part of the school’s infrastructure. It acts as a platform for channelizing the creative and imaginative abilities of young students. They learn to express themselves in the most vibrant way with the help of various creative and enjoyable Art & Craft activities. Our trained art faculty contributes its best in transforming these regular experiences of class into the most rewarding lessons and memories of life.



Our school believes in satisfying the urge and passion of every young budding musician. Thus, it has a provision to professionally teach instrumental and vocal music under the able guidance of qualified and experienced professionals. The music department gives an opportunity for learning Indian Classical and Western musical instruments.

We have a separate artistically designed dance room in our school. Here students learn to express their feelings, their expressions through elegant dance moves. Our trained dance teachers observe and guide each moving step of our young budding dancers. Thus, it is the loving and warm environment that helps them in developing confidence and nurturing their talent.




RIS has a modern, aesthetically designed &air-conditioned Auditorium and Multipurpose Hall. These are equipped with the latest sound and light system, OHP projectors, motorized screen, and internet facilities. These effectual places are being effectively used for conducting seminars, conferences, cultural programs, students’ events, and other important functions of the school.




We take great pride in being the first school in Southern Haryana to have an in-house 3D Cinema with a seating capacity of 65 people with advanced acoustics containing hi-tech soundproof systems. It is primarily acting as a visual teaching resource that our teachers are using to explain complex topics or concepts. Science and Mathematics are subjects full of abstract concepts and as such require strong visualization and exploratory tool to understand them. Be it the usually confusing chemical bonds, confounding physical forces, intricate biological processes, or complicated mathematical theorems, everything is either imperceptible or highly abstract. Its various rich-in-content resources, especially the animated videos and stimulations act as strong interactive tools to bridge the gap in areas that are challenging for students to understand, thus offering them a platform for interactive learning. For digital content, the school has tied up with Eureka which has the distinction of being the largest 3D K12 school curriculum library with more than 4000 topics under its cover which sum up to over 300 hours of 3D animated content. These include various interesting learning objects like quizzes, key terms, images, etc.




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