Senior Wing (9th to 12th)

Together, May we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly?

For secondary the learning is not only done in the classrooms and laboratories but children are out in the fields to touch, understand and see it practically. The knowledge and understanding of the students are measured with the formal and informal assessments including group and individual projects, class discussions, debates, recitations and so on.

At RIS, we strongly believe that learners should be allowed to explore rather than be instructed about already known facts. “education at RIS is imparted in such a way that it provides ample opportunities to learners at secondary level to discover, explore and invent new possibilities for their learning. The School lays emphasis on fostering creativity, innovation and scientific temperament in the learners. At secondary level also the school follows Customized Curriculum designed by expert keeping in view the needs of both slow and bright learners. The curriculum is further enriched by the School by following Unique Academic Practices. R&D team of RIS comprising experienced teachers, experts & academicians continually works on designing Academic Curriculum incorporating with CBSE Curriculum catering to the need of every student. Each and every aspect of curriculum from selection of books to class room activities is very well thought out. The School has developed its own in house coaching program for aspirants of JEE / NEET, KVPY, CA & NTSE Foundation and other important competitive exams. All the three streams i.e. Science, Commerce & Humanities are available for learners to opt for and each stream offers a very unique kind of programmes and academic practices for the learners. The integrated academic system is devised to build confidence in the students. The teachers aim to build an interactive ambience where children may freely express their own views. The students are examined continuously throughout the year on the basis of Work sheets, Minor & Major Test, Monthly & Periodic Assessments. Speech competition, Debate competition and Extempore Elocution pave the path for development of linguistic & Communication skills among learners. Group Learning, Activity based learning, Group Learning and Project Based Learning make them accountable and responsible for their learning and support and strengthen the love for long lasting learning.

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