Safety of the child is our priority

“Safety has always been paramount for parents and has become an increasing cause for concern.”

Transport facility

GPS tracking system can be regarded as the pillar of safe transport. We have GPS connectivity, every move of a school bus carrying the children can be traced, making the journey for the young fledglings a completely safe and secure experience. The school has a huge fleet of GPRS enabled air-conditioned buses that transports the children and teachers to school from various parts of the city and back home. The school employs only experienced bus drivers and conducts regular orientation programmes on the guidelines laid by the school authorities for students’ safety. Guards and nannies accompany the little ones to ensure their care and safety.



our School is under CCTV cameras surveillance, which is being used to provide surveillance .It helpsschool team in monitoring and keeping a track of activities taking place in school premises.


Sensored Chip ID Card

School begun implanting the devices on student identification cards to monitor students' movements on campus, and to track them as they come and go from school.


Visitor Management System

we have visitor management system which keeps track of people entering and exiting of school buildings or areas. It keeps records of important information about visitors like name, phone number, address, photograph, people they are visiting and so on. The school has an excellent security system, which comprises of well-trained personnel who keep strict vigil on the visitors during school hours and beyond.


Medicare Facility

The school has modern medical facilities supported by qualified medical staff. Our school is tie up with the reputed hospitals. Primary first-aid facility is available in the school campus Like :- Day care facilities, Medical insurance for students, OPD facility for initial treatment .

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