Different Approach – a new way of learning
Education has undergone a major change in the last decade. The need of the hour is to adopt new and innovative methods and technological advancements in education. We at RIS strongly believe in reshaping the educational methodologies for students and teachers alike to pave the path of Individualized Learning where each student’s needs, learning style, and interests can be catered to well. We sincerely believe that this unique approach will help us to achieve excellence for all.

We believe that……

  • Every child is unique and has immense potential to excel in some field of life.
  • A safe, serene, and stimulating environment is needed for children to flourish.
  • Fair, equitable, and transparent assessment practices are key to building confidence in children.
  • Effective and continuous communication with Parents is a must for meeting Students’ and Parents’ needs.
  • Counselling and training on regular basis are a must for all stakeholders (Teachers, Students & Parents) involved in the Teaching-Learning process.
  • Opportunities should be availed to students for their overall development.
  • Customized learning and tailored approaches in education support individualized Learning.
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