Special Education Needs Programme

Appreciating the Uniqueness of Each Child

In keeping with the spirit and intentions of the Right to Education, we, at Raj International School (RIS), believe that all children have an equal right to learn and play, and benefit from the opportunities that learning opens up in life. As a learning community, we support each child in accomplishing her/his own goals, at her/his own pace, and as per her/his swabhav (disposition) and higher calling.

We proactively promote inclusion by encouraging students to respect and appreciate uniqueness in each of their classmates. We expect them to collaborate and cooperate with each other so that they can contribute constructively to the learning community and the community at large.

For us, inclusion translates on the ground into treating all children equally while recognising the differences as well. We understand that it is normal and desirable for children to grow and develop at their own pace and rate, without their performance being evaluated on the basis of a standardised definition.

At RIS, inclusion of children with special needs works to keep in mind the best interest of each child, which is based on critical assessment and identification of the needs of each child. We believe in identifying the innate potential of each child and honing these abilities, while looking for the hidden interests of the child. This also means that we hold all our students to high standards of excellence and achievement.

The Special Education Needs (SEN) programme is specially designed to meet the needs of differently-abled children who find it difficult to cope with the mainstream curriculum. RIS has not only opened its doors for high functioning differently-abled children, but also for children with severe learning difficulties and behavioural concerns.

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