3D Cinema

We take great pride in being the first school of Southern Haryana to have a in house 3D Cinema with a seating capacity of 65 people with advanced acoustics containing hi-tech sound proof systems. It is primarily acting as visual teaching resource that our teachers are using to explain complex topics or concepts.

Science and Mathematics are subjects full of abstract concepts and as such require strong visualization and exploratory tools to understand them. Be it the usually confusing chemical bonds, confounding physical forces, intricate biological processes or complicated mathematical theorems, everything is either imperceptible or highly abstract.

Its various rich-in-content resources, especially the animated videos and simulations act as strong interactive tools to bridge the gap in areas that are challenging for students to understand, thus offering them a platform for interactive learning.


For digital content the school has tied up with Eureka which has the distinction of being the largest 3D K12 school curriculum library with more than 4000 topics under its cover which sum up to over 300 hours of 3 D animated content. These include various interesting learning objects like quizzes, key-terms, images etc.

Digital Class Room

With the launch of technological advances, the face of education has changed a lot. We at RIS strongly believe in keeping pace with this change through constant investment in the implementation and use of latest technologies. Teachers actively use them to explain concepts with the help of highly engaging visuals and animations. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students while improving their overall academic performance. The digital boards cover the curriculum of all major subjects and have innovative assessment exercises which enable instant evaluation of the learning achieved by students in the class.



The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. . .

In order to enhance classroom learning by making real world connection and to reinforce experiential learning, we at RIS, strongly endorse the necessity of excursion for students.

Visits are always interesting and instructive. They add to our knowledge and also add reality to learning experiences which results in the enrichment of contextual learning. It also bridges the gap between education and hands on experience.

Educational excursions are organized annually keeping in mind age appropriate destinations, sites, travel time, activities etc. to complement the holistic part of students’ education. We also aim to give opportunities to students to upgrade their skills by learning new concept through these excursions.



Physics Lab

  • Well planned, spacious and well equipped Physics laboratory has all the interesting set of equipment to reinforce scientific and experimental concepts and facilitate in developing investigative skills. There are numerous models, charts, apparatus, kits and experimental gadgets which are sufficient for satisfying the curiosity of each and every scientific mind.

Chemistry Lab

  • The Chemistry laboratory of our school is designed keeping in mind all the statutory norms and safety standards. With the proper guidance and supervision of teachers, students learn to handle apparatus and chemicals. They also improve their understanding of various chemical reactions and processes. Logic and reasoning skills that develop in this lab will go a long way in ensuring success in later life.

Biology Lab

  • Our Biology laboratory is well structured and designed which enables students to learn about detailed structures, morphological, histological and physiological aspects of plants and animals. All the equipment and specimens that we have in the lab are open for the students under careful supervision.
  • This is the place where curious minds are given a chance to ‘discover’ before they are ‘told’.

Maths Lab

  • Mathematics laboratory aims to nurture the logical, scientific and analytical abilities of students. Numerous activities, puzzles and games are planned for them which make learning fun and interesting. Students attain mastery over complex mathematical concepts through practical experiences. Thus, knowledge attained in this lab paves way for lifelong understanding.

Social Science Lab

  • Our school has well designed and equipped Social Science laboratory. Visually appealing charts, models and maps help in arousing curiosity of young minds. Learning with the help of globe, maps and various measuring scales makes subject interesting for students of every age group.

Computer Lab

  • Education in modern era has undergone a rapid change with the advent of information and technology. Keeping this in mind, computer education is imparted to every student. The computer lab, a unique playground for young brains, helps the child to learn and explore the IT world. The school has two separate computer labs for junior as well as senior students. E-learning program is the part of teaching learning process. All the computers are well equipped with latest software required to fulfill the needs of 21st century learners.